How to Write the Perfect Travel Story

So you just got back from a fantastic vacation? Or better still, you’re still on the beach and want to write about your current experience? But before doing so, you’d like some tips on how to write fantastic travel stories? Read on.

What makes a fabulous travel story in ten simple steps?

  1. Come up with a descriptive and creative story title
  2. The more quirky the story, the better!
  3. Write a short paragraph to summarise your story (sometimes it’s easier to do this after you have written the story)
  4. Use great images. Ideally they should be your own, and feature you and your friends/family. Don’t worry if you don’t have any, we can source them for you, or you can use free stock images
  5. Aim for around 500 words for the story body. Don’t worry if it’s more or less, but this is a good benchmark to aim for.
  6. Write in a first person perspective. It should be in insight into your own personal experience
  7. Mention the highlights of your experience
  8. Include at least one bookable item (that way you will earn commission when someone books via your story)
  9. Don’t forget to mention where you stayed, and which activities you did (link to the company websites)
  10. Provide useful local insights (e.g “we ate at an incredible restaurant called Buschmühle”)

Once you send us your story, we’ll take care of the rest by creating your Author profile, adding the bookable widgets, and ensuring your travel story looks great before it goes live to the world.

Get inspired

Check out the well written stories below for inspiration:

How to have your story published on Yonderbound

  • If you haven’t already, sign up here
  • You’ll get an email from us explaining what to do next
  • After that, write your story in a Word/Google doc
  • Send your travel story to

Your beautiful travel story and Author page will be published on Yonderbound as soon as possible. If you already have a travel story, send it to us and we’ll re-publish it for you on Yonderbound.

Need more help?

If you’d like some help writing your travel story, or you’d even like us to write it for you using your insights, get in touch and we’ll set up a Skype call to decipher the information from your brain (don’t worry, it’s not painful). You can also use this great correction tool to help with spelling and grammar.

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