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Yonderbound is an online travel business which is not only a brand, it’s a young and friendly entity. We are a happy start-up, with happy employees and now with a happy dog. But wait…we’re not here to talk about Yonderbound (you can read about us on our website), we’re here to talk about Alf. Let us explain.

History mode: activated

Some months ago, (we don’t know exactly when because “Who’s counting?”) the Yonderbound office received a guest…who was here to stay. He came along with his “mamma” – the new Office Manager. So there we were, staring at pair of brown, curious eyes; and the office was suddenly not only for humans. Since that day, our floors got used to paw prints and a tiny white-and-brown creature. And that’s how Alf (yonder)bounded into our lives.
Gradually, we learnt many things about him, and we know for sure that he’s learnt a lot about us.
To introduce you to him, we must first tell you that he is originally from Belgium, from a nice family of Jack Russells, who raised him in a loving and caring environment. After that, he moved to French Riviera, and he loved it from day one. His birthday is in June, so he’s a strong Cancer personality, maybe that’s how he managed to earn all our respect.
Today, Alf enjoys life on Cote d’Azur, being a French Riviera enthusiast. He loves to play on the beach or walk on the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

Little secrets about him:

Alf is a creative dog. Sometimes he meditates (never sleeping, always thinking), and sometimes he runs around our busy legs, chasing his ball. He’s charming and very loyal, and protects his owner with enthusiasm. He can be a little stubborn as well and he turns his back on you if he’s not in the mood to play. We tend to think of him as a little lord, strongly opinionated but also tolerant, who’s here to teach us something.

If you want to get to know Alf, you need to know that he has five best friends, which are plush animals. They are super cute and Alf really loves them, which makes him even more special. A true friend of Alf’s would know the plushes’ names as well: Jeannot, Joe, Jacky, Mimmi, and Tommy. He has his own place in the office, on a nice cozy pillow in his corner. As he’s a strong character, charismatic and very special, he has a “girlfriend” as well, who is an English bulldog, twice his size.

Yonderbound vs. Yonderdog

One thing is certain, Yonderbound and Alf complete each other. Alf is part of our identity, he’s our little source of inspiration and recreation. We are connected to him and we can tell when he’s trying to communicate with us. We all know when he deliberately ignores us, but it’s fine, we understand him. Sometimes for him we’re too still and quiet, even if we consider our office a dynamic one. Alf can be very serious at the same time, and sometimes he just likes to imitate us. You’ll see him around the office trying to sit at a computer, or waiting in the kitchen to get water. Sometimes he even wants to open the door, and honestly (please don’t tell anyone, let it be our little secret), he likes escort people out of the office by barking them out.

What’s next?

As we previously mentioned, Alf is a creative being. Out of the blue, we received his request to become an author for Yonderbound. We tried to explain to him that this is for people who travel, but he said he’s a traveller too. He explained that he’s been on an aeroplane, a boat and many times in a car, so he’s basically always moving around. Of course we agreed with him. It is our joy and privilege to introduce Alf to the world, and we are all impatiently waiting for his first story! We bet it will be fascinating!

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This article was curated on 13th of November, which is the World Kindness Day. Alf advises all of us to become more gentle, tolerant and open to new cultures or mindsets. Today we celebrate this day by being kind, which we should do each day of our lives. It is a day that encourages individuals to overlook boundaries, race and religion.


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