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Yonderbound is the world’s largest collection of bookable travel stories. A platform where you can share your travel knowledge with other travel lovers. We publish travel stories from real travelers who have lived the experience they’re writing about, and make their recommendations available to purchase via the story. These stories inspire readers to book their own trips, and encourage people to travel more. What’s great about writing your story on Yonderbound? Read on and find out.

Your knowledge

Yonderbound is a way for others to benefit from the knowledge you’ve gained from the places you’ve been to, whilst simultaneously making the booking experience for future travellers more convenient. So you can fly the flag for that awesome hotel you stayed at, and the crazy paragliding adventure you had with a company who gave you excellent service, and others reap the rewards of your research and travel wisdom and book simply by clicking on the link embedded in your story. Yonderbound is all the travel answers in one place.

Your story

The content team at Yonderbound work hard to turn your experience into a beautifully presented Yonderbound story, complete with high quality images, a catchy summary and an embedded link to book the activity or hotel you write about. This encapsulates your travel memory and allows you to share it easily with family and friends, without the work of managing your own blog domain. Your story page also connects to your unique Yonderbound author profile, which can include links to your social media channels and website, if you have one. This is a great way for any aspiring bloggers or writers to raise their online presence and promote your work.

A nice perk

After sharing your travel story and having a great time reciting your memories, you have the added bonus of a profit share on any sales which come via your stories. You will earn 70% of the profit generated on any bookings. The monetisation of your travel knowledge is an extra reward to you for helping other people travel, because Yonderbound believes that by helping people to travel more, we help to make the world a better place.

How to write your story on Yonderbound

So if you want to publish a story on Yonderbound to share your travel wisdom, how can you go about it? Simple: the ‘write your story’ section on Yonderbound gives you a short form to fill out with your details, after which you can write your story on your own device and upload it to the site. At this point the content team get to work on it and add the bookable items, and then it’s published on the Yonderbound website to inspire other travellers to follow in your intrepid footsteps.

Happy writing, happy travels!

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Sarah Hopkinson
Part-time traveller who fits in work around a hectic destination schedule, currently living in the south of France by a happy accident. Interests include learning languages, Eastern Europe, quoting TV sitcoms and meatball subs.

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