Spending Credits on Yonderbound

Spending your Yonderbound credit

Hi there, and welcome to Yonderbound!

We’re building the world’s largest collection of bookable travel stories, which means that you can browse our site to find stories written by real travellers about the places they’ve been to and the activities they’ve done.

When you find something that inspires you, you can buy it directly from Yonderbound.

Our stories are listed by the destination country featured, which you can search for on the site, and we also index them by the travel experience they offer. For example, if you’re a foodie, you can go on the ‘All Travel Stories’ tab and click on the #foodanddrink button to bring up the latest gastronomical delights on the Yonderbound site. Our other categories include#culture, #family, #active, #nature and #relaxation.

How much are my credits worth?

Spending your Freeppie credits on Yonderbound is simple. We have a points to credit ratio which works like this:

  • 0-1,999 Freeppie points = 1 voucher of $20 on Yonderbound, $50 minimum spend
  • 2000-9,999 Freeppie points = 2 vouchers $50 on Yonderbound, with a $150 minimum spend
  • 10,000+ Freeppie points = 2 vouchers $100 on Yonderbound, with a $300 minimum spend

Although your booking must be completed before 31st December 2015, the actual dates of travel can be any time to suit you.

How can I access my credits?

To access your Yonderbound credit, all you need to do is to pick any story from the Yonderbound site and share it on your Facebook page, tagging us@Yonderbound.

After that, email booking@yonderbound.com directly with your choice of hotel and/or activity from the site.

This all sounds great, how can I get more involved with Yonderbound?

If you’ve spent all your credit but still have that wanderlust feeling, you can earn more credit through the Yonderbound site.

We host stories from travellers just like yourself writing about their experiences, and writers earn credits on any sales generated through their Yonderbound story.

And writing a story is easy! Sign up at https://yonderbound.com/write-your-story, upload your travel story and then the content team will get involved to turn it into a beautifully presented page on Yonderbound which you can share with your family and friends.

Then once the sales start coming in through your story, you can pack up and hit the road again!

Happy travelling!


About the Author:

Sarah Hopkinson
Part-time traveller who fits in work around a hectic destination schedule, currently living in the south of France by a happy accident. Interests include learning languages, Eastern Europe, quoting TV sitcoms and meatball subs.

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